Monday, August 29, 2016

DAW it

It had been an awful Monday, there's no other deserving adjective for today. However, the delivery of my fresh batch of DAW jazz picks was a crucial moral booster. At least I ended the day on a high. With that said, as promised, watch this space for a DAW pick giveaway.  Goodnight, everyone.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


I had this crazy idea not too long ago to mess with the burst finish. The original burst idea was a combination of colours which were complementary involving a darker outer ring that faded inwards.

I thought it would awesome to retain the faded idea but do it in a uni-directional interpretation. I guess Ibanez got to it before me. Seen here are the new faded finishes for the SR300 & SR305.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Nails: You Will Never Be One of Us

It's quickly turning into a music listening weekend for me. This here is a 3-man grindcore outfit, Nails. The entire You Will Never Be One of Us release is a mere 22 minute offering but it's an impactful sub-half hour episode if you are into the music. No excessive fret working despite some tasty solos in there, one of urgency & pure energy. More importantly, it's good to know there is a brutal outfit with good guitar works out there, not merely relying on hyped up band images to push music sales.The tittle track itself was on repeat mode for me for quite a while & the entire album was a great discovery. I was thinking nobody makes quality grindcore any more & that everyone has to return to Napalm Death for reality check but these guys are awesome to say the least. Here's the official clip:

Friday, August 26, 2016

Jeff Beck- Loud Hailer

I'm really not into old school heroes when it comes to guitar playing. This is the reason why, after hearing David Gilmour's Rattle That Lock earlier this year, I gave it a miss. Despite being a top notch musician & player, his music didn't hit the right notes (forgive the pun) with me. It's something else when Jeff Beck is concerned.

Mr. Beck is a guitar introvert, a genius who keeps things to himself, staying away from the limelight. He fits well into any musical context, he made it look easy being with Rod Stewart at one time & with Jennifer Batten, at some other opportunity. Loud Hailer is a typical Beck release. It's music by someone who is very comfortable with what he's doing & not worrying about living up to others'  expectations. Killer Strat tones here & a polished all round production but Rosie Bones' vocals sounded very nasal in some numbers, especially so when delivering high octane phrases. The other band members are respectable & remained out of the way for outstanding Jeff Beck delivery in all songs. I hear proto-punk, bits of the haunted Sleep Walk, bowed guitar tones which was initially thought of as a sampled electronica (yes, how did he do that?!) & some of the best slapped back echo out there without falling into delay cliché. All in all, a worthy Jeff Beck release, worth the money, worth the wait. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Steve Vai recently shared his collection with a guitar magazine & I thought these were the coolest in his collection.

This was the precursor to the JEM, a Performance Guitar custom assembly. Note how the treble side skinny cut away & monkey grip were brought over to the JEM.

I was under the impression that a baritone Ibanez was a relatively recent phenomenon but Steve Vai had it going with this 7-string version & yes, it went beyond 24 frets.

This one was cool. 1) Maple fretboard- we seldom see Vai play one buy he had this custom version with coloured dot inlays. Reminds me of Jason Becker. 2) All single coil affair- must be his Start itch; he started with one anyway. 3) Not JEM-esque- note the S-series type cutaway.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Iron 8

I might be a little late in knowing that the RG8 is offered in an Iron Label, though neck option- RGIT28. On that note, as Ibanez continues to offer the 8-string in more affordable makes, the RG2228 had been discontinued.