Sunday, January 22, 2017

Friedman Monarch

Finally, the return-to-Jackson Marty Friedman model based on the Monarkh series. Fans won't get to see this in stores till May 2017. I'm wondering why a model with a strong endorser backing gets relegated to the X-series but this isn't the first time it happened to a Marty Friedman guitar. Remember the PRS MF model? That was in the SE camp. 😑

Anniversary in black

No rubbing of eyes, please, this BOSS DS-1 is indeed the limited edition version of the manufacturer's 40th anniversary celebrations which would take place throughout the year. Expect more commemorative goodies along the way but keep in mind of the novelty & prices, some regurgitations (without fresh inputs) are not worth buying. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Small victory (2)

Em... Paul Gilbert's take on NAMM 2017, a Mikro version of his Ibanez PGM model. We all want one, yes? 😏

Small victory

The good people at Blackstar are continuing their quest to serve good tones in small packages. This LT Echo amp is a good inclusion & on my to-check list.

Our beloved FLY3 desktop amp gets a Bluetooth upgrade which is awesome. So while something big is happening at NAMM 2017 in the mean time, never forget the small stuff.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Single 7s

From the Jackson camp- the new Telly 7-string.

Camp Ibanez has this- Iron Label FR 7-string.

It's interesting to note singlecut offerings from non-Fender models (Fender owns Jackson by the way...), both in 7-string format. Notably, both brand names are also known for their aggression-inclined music association so the singlecut path is an interesting path to tread on.

Coming back to domestic applications, we are more likely to see the Ibanez FR in the stores here. My observation- they sell more than Jacksons (compounded by the fact that the distributor has a poor Jackson inventory/ update).  If I were the distributor, I would have commercial underpinnings to keep sales up there than worry about satiating the few who are clamouring for attention as they don't keep my business afloat. 

ESP Head

Don't know if you chaps were expecting something radical from the Brain Welch-ESP project but this is it- an ordinary guitar. Along with this release comes the re-visiting of the man's past; how he was responsible in shaping 'nu metal' (if you believe there is such a thing) & pioneering the use of 7-string next to Vai, etc. The background exposure was necessary we reckon but it's a jaded past. ESP also has the knack of pushing the LTD versions of signature models & keeping the ESP make exclusive- all understood from a commercial perspective.