Monday, April 23, 2018

The new (2)

What can I say? I will return to Ibanez all the time. It's the brand name that works for me. Whatever boutique or custom options out there that's worth every cent, it might not work for me unlike a typical Japanese Ibanez This was supposed to be my birthday present but it came a little early. Of course, today isn't my birthday.

I love this simplicity- an RG headstock without the 'RG' label.

Old school block neck joint which allegedly impedes upper fret access but if you're worth your salt, this shouldn't hinder your abilities. So this is the third RG550 I own. I don't have a soft spot for re-intro Ibanez models, just grabbing what's worth it while it's still available. Mod plans are in the works- stay tuned. Thank you, Mr. Faizal @ Swee Lee Katong I12 branch for your valued assistance. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018


Heavy rain this evening saw the cat taking refuge on anything but the cold floor. Seen here, our majesty resting on one of my guitar bags. I have no issues with this whatsoever. We are fortunate to have a cat that does not sharpen her claws on our furniture, my amps or guitar cases. It's just not her thing. Good kitty! 😸

SL at SL

If you wish for a decent second fiddle & had been following the LP SL fanfare, then be informed that it's now available at Swee Lee for $149 (List). No, it's not gonna give you a thick LP tone with that signature sustain obviously due to the neck-body construction as well as the pickups in use. I'm actually looking forward to try one. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Goodbye: Squier Duo-Sonic

Bid farewell to my Squier Duo-Sonic (Class Vibe) earlier today. It wasn't offered in the open market since I had someone who is genuinely interested in collecting offset models across brands. The instrument was in very good condition save for that anodized pick guard that refused to be revitalized after repeated polishing. It's very much like nickel pickup covers that immortalized stains regardless of how many times you polish them. On that note, I have two other guitars to say goodbye to. 

Back from the dead

I could have sworn that there was no battery in my Montreux Knebworth pedal when I put it away just before the new year. As you can see above, that's not the case. The entire tip of this 9V battery was badly corroded, it got ripped off when I tried to remove it from the clip.

Compounding the damage was the totally deteriorated battery clip you see above. It's beyond saving & it needs a replacement...

... & Beez to the rescue! I sent him a pic of the situation & he agreed to help since the circuit layout wasn't cluttered & hiding the clip attachment to the power input jack. Beez keeps battery clips as  standby spares not for pedals but for active guitar electronics which came to him dead & required replacement at times. 

Friday, April 20, 2018


Just happy to re-own these in CD version. These are the only two releases by Trixter that I really enjoyed listening to. Beyond, Hear! I feel the band tried too hard to stay in the league. Steve Brown isn't exactly my go-to guitarist when it comes to inspiration but band's songs are really happy tunes to listen to on that long ride home feeling drained. These were the music of my time anyway.