Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Affinity's hues

Squier fans- here's a look at the new range of colours for the Affinity Series (many more in the range). The manufacturer did the right thing in moving away from the established finishes which mirror the Fender range. With all due respect, Squier is in a position to manifest some individuality in this aspect & they have flexed their muscle, so to speak. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Offset prices

Prices for the Fender 2016 Mex Offset models are out:

  • Duo-Sonic/ Mustang: USD500
  • Mustang PJ bass: USD550
These were not meant to be pricey, I personally feel they are listed fairly in view of the tier they are in & the country of manufacture. Keeping fingers crossed for their availability here 😬

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pop(ped) juice

The battery popped in one of my pedals. Nobody was harmed largely due to the fact that the pedal was tank grade & contained the explosion. This battery came default with my Seymour Duncan Killing Floor unit. I was wondering why this happened since:
  • it was never connected to any PSU
  • no guitar cable was left in tact when the pedal was at rest
I have a fresh 9V battery in my Killing Floor just to make sure it wasn't the pedal killing it (no pun intended). Safety first, everyone. 😛 #justsharing

Selling: MXR GT-OD CSP-021

For sale: MXR GT-OD CSP-021. This is the custom floor version, cost more than the standard GT-OD (M193). Please note the difference 😁

  • MXR: GT-OD CSP-021, box & under-lining included as depicted
  • 9/10 condition
  • No reservations/ No trades
  • Queries: subversion.sg@gmail.com
  • Strictly self-collect: CCK MRT stn
  • Price: $95 (final)

Goodbye American

Good Sunday morning guitar fans, how's everything coming along? Hope everyone's strumming to good health & in a good state of mind approaching the month's end. Sharing a major breaking news here for all you Fender fans- the manufacturer is going to discontinue the American Standard Series instruments. It is unclear if these instruments are receiving a slew of upgrades & thereafter renamed  as a fresh range for 2017 or an introduction of a fresh series of guitars & basses as complete replacements.

In any case, online stores are clearing stuff in anticipation of more breaking news approaching Winter NAMM 2017. If you are planning to get one online, please hold on to more clearance deals (highly likely) as the festive season creeps in. 

The most anticipated question: Will the local dealers follow suit? It depends. Some dealers are more in touch with reality than others, they will match the demand-supply circumstances while the rest- in view of a more monopolistic position they are in- will totally ignore this development as they are more than happy to keep discontinued, over-priced inventories in their midst. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

The power of 10

A 10-string mammoth by Agile- Septor Elite 1027, darn! While it reeks of musical intimidation, judging by how the lowest/ thickest string had to angle inwards to wrap around the machine head, it would pose tuning issues to the uninitiated. The string gauge for this monster: 009 - 110. Who sells this kind of string set? Hmm... 🤔